Week 3 – prep, prep, prep, prep

This month has been pretty intense. There has been a lot going on and I have been doing my best to stick the the idea of home made and less packaging.

Yesterday I did a bulk batch of pea and ham soup so that we had some back up meaI have also made plans for once a fortnight to make up a bulk meal to get us through the lazy or busy days.  Mostly soups, lasagne and the like.

My brother in law bought over some super cheap Latina pastas that he managed to get hold of and while it’s not strictly ‘home made’ they weren’t bought anywhere cost. I’m taking that as a win. There were a few times I portioned downs potato chips from a large bag into smaller ziplock bags. The one thing I *did* have a go at is a reusable sandwich bag. Its sort of like a plastic and velcro envolope. For the kids lunchbox it is alright but I don’t think it’s the best option. For *my* sandwich I wouldn’t mind it because if the bread isn’t as soft it’s not such an issue as the kids are funny about texture of foods.

The other thing I’m going to attempt to do is that on Mondays whiich will be the main therapy days, I’ll be packing a lunchbox. It’s going to be a big day and buying food all day isn’t going to be an option. I’ll be packing a lunchbox for River and I in the morning with snacks and drinks, then in the afternoon there will be restock of snacks and drinks for Hunter, River and I. Not sure how this is going to go but what’s the worst that can happen really? This week in the first week too so we’re still in the optimisitic phase.

So far so good at paring back and changing the way we eat.

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