Tumeric Tablets

I have mentioned once or twice that I have osteoarthritis. I take anti inflammatories for it but I also like to see what else is about to help. I’ve read a lot about people taking tumeric to help with the pain. It’s used in asian and Ayurvedic medicine.

So me being me I got on te Googles. I found a study about studies into tumeric and curcumin (curcumin is the thing in tumeric that gives it health benefits) that say basically it can be cautiously recommended as complementary medicine. Scientifically it’s pretty ok at reducing the pain and stiffness that goes with arthitis and it’s not as hard on your internal organs. 90% of sources I read also say you have to take about 1g (it’s more than you think) of tumeric a day. Now I’d been sitting on these study results tossing the idea around and then in an act of universal synchronisity I found curcumin tablets on sale in the health food isle for $8. $8 for 60 tablets which is 2 months worth as opposed to $50 in the same amount of time in Difenec/Voltaren.

So for the last 4 weeks I’ve had no anti inflammatories apart from panadol. It’s coming into winter and we’ve a few busy nights at work. I’m about a 2/10 as far as pain goes. No flare up that a extra panadol wont fix. Even the pain in my knees and feet is reduced a lot. The only thing it hasn’t worked 100% on is my busted feet.

Now I’m not saying everyone should rush out and use tumeric. It might not work for everyone but for me, it’s definatly something that I’ll be sticking too.

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