Queen of Swords


I think if I’m going to start doing in depth looks at particular cards the best place to start is with my favorite damn card. Queen of Swords.

She’s an air card but she’s also emotional. In the Rider Waite there are clouds in the background of the cars, there’s a storm brewing. There’s always things going on juts off the horizon.

Upright she wants you to concerntrate on your goal and get that shit done. Focus on your objective and use your brain to the best of it’s ability. You can’t sneak anything past this woman cause she will read the room the minute her toe steps over that threshold. This queen is also no bullshit and she will call you on it. Its an air card so we’re all about ideas and in the classic Rider Waite there is a storm brewing in the background of the card. So while she’s about ideas it’s also emotional so it’s not without emotions.

Reversed though. Ooh she’s a salty one. Bitchy, harsh and relentless. She doesn’t care for your tears or your excuses. This queen will read you for filth and mean every word. Remember that background storm? Well reversed this queen is letting that emotional storm get the better of her.

Shes my favorite of all the cards and while it’s not money or happily ever after she’s pulling no punches. She’ll tell you to get your finger out of your bum and do the damn thing. Just watch for the salty after taste….

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