11:11 podcast

I’m a big podcast person. The minute I got an iPhone it’s the first thing I downloaded. I found the 11:11 podcast by way of an interview with one of its creators Emma Mildon on what I wanna say was the Biddy Tarot podcast. She mentioned in passing that her and Rachel Hunter (yep, the supermodel) were doing a podcast about all the things and I was interested. I found their Instagram page and waited.

I was not disappointed. Emma and Rachel are funny as hell. They talk about everything. Numerology, mushrooms, spirit animals, healing and grief. There’s a hell of a lot of laughs in the mix too. My favorite was the Numerology episode. It was so awesome I went out and found the book written by that weeks guest at my local library. It’s what kicked off my own Numerology post here on this blog. Same as the recent meditation episode with Charlie Knoles. It has made me excited to  have a crack at meditation again because after listening to the episode they all made it sound so achievable.

So, if you’re into ‘woo’ or are curious then this podcast is for you. Emma and Rachel are so knowledgable. They talked about a wide variety of things and often will mention stuff that will have you on the Google machine later. You’re learning new things and at the same time being given the option to go deeper for more information.

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