Growing a garden

Last month we made it through more home made food. I managed to meal plan and made more stuff at home. I even got some stuff in the freezer for the lazy days.

This month is about growing your own food. Now with this I sort of have a head start. I already have a really healthy garden. I wont lie it’s mostly herbs that I use in cooking and for my home made sage bundles. It’s pretty ratty right now and needs a good clean out which wil happen in the next week or so. I have some sick and questionable looking tomato plants.

The second thing. Right now its  Autumn and we’re getting some pretty serious morning frosts. Whatever I plant now has to a) be something we eat and for the kids at least that’s pretty limited and b) be able to withstand the cold/rain in the garden. I have a few little pots I want to put some smaller edible plants in that can come out of the wet near the barbeque but the majority have to survive in the garden.

So, that pretty much brings us to what in the actual fuck I’m planting. I’m thinking some  different varieties of spinach. Things like potatoes and swedes will be worth it but I wouldn’t mind having a shot at some sweet potatoes. I’m thinking maybe some marigolds in the pot just because even though they aren’t edible who doesn’t love flowers.

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