Being multifaceted

“What’s your niche”

“Who is your ideal customer?”

When you start looking into blogs and marketing of said blog everyone wants you to be specific. They want you to be able to name and visualise who exactly you’re talking to. What do they look like? What is their name? What do they do? What do they need? Being specific is great and all but what if I don’t want to talk to one specific person? What if I want to chat to everyone because as a person I’m into a whole bunch of stuff and celebrate that? Why stay on one lane? Why shouldn’t we celebrate being multifaceted?

I’m a qualified chef and I also used to lift a lot of heavy weights for fun. A lot of my identity was wrapped up in that. When I found out I had arthritis it rocked me because I had to embrace new parts of myself and redefine who I was. I felt empty because I’d pushed a lot of things out of my life that didn’t fit into those two buckets. If I was a chef I absolutly couldn’t think about any other career. If I was a heavy lifting macros trackin beast I couldn’t possibly want to do yoga, play with tarot cards or anything like that. Hell a lot of that stuff, while I’d played about wit hit in the past wasn’t even on my radar.  However because I had the two things I identified with most taken away I was forced to sit back and embrace a whole other range of things I was into. The more I did that the more I found everything became richer and fuller.

The richer things are the more interesting life becomes. Conversations become more varied and make us grown as human beings. Now I’m not saying that if you find something you’re passionate about you shouldn’t persue it with a single mindedness. No, that’s how some of the great things in this world occur. If you can do that it’s amazing and more power to you. Being multi dimensional can also mean you wont get burnt out on your passion, it can add an extra layer to said passion and the candle will burn brighter for longer.

There’s always a bit of guilt with persuing more than one thing. You get told to stay in your lane or made to feel that say as a parent you’re doing the wrong thing by wanting to focus your attention on something other than being a parent. Nah, fuck that. It’s that whole being burnt embrace out and growing as a person thing. It’s your outlet. A place to stretch out and embrace another side of yourself so you don’t end up not knowing who you are of what you’re about when your kids eventually leave home or require less hands on parenting (…says the woman who may never be done with hands on parenting). I’m also not suggesting you drop your entire life and responsibilities to persue a hobby/side hussle/fitness thing. It’s a balance like most things in life.

So get out there and do all the stuff and all the things. Find something you enjoy.


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