At Christmas I got a bit of cash so I decided to buy some henna at Lush. Now I’d seen it and been pretty curious. It seemed like the perfect time to have a go. I had only ever used commerical hair dyes before this so I had no idea what to expect.

First of all I loved the colour. I ordered Caca Rouge and went for broke. I was a ginger ginger. I  was so ginger I looked like a long lost Weasly. Bright and shiny. Better than the sort of strawberry blonde thing I had going on. It was a really natural colour and didn’t look wierd on me.

Making the henna mix itself is a bit fiddly. You have to do it over a double boiler which requires a lot of babysitting and melting and stop it from burning. There is no real accurate guide to how much to do make up at one time. I have waist length hathin hair (there is just a lot of hair but the hair it’s not in itself thick. I melted the whole block and then realised in horror that I didn’t need it all. Lucky it stores in the freezer which I did successfully and used another 2 times. Worked just as well as the first time.

The downside is henna stains like an absolute bastard. A Weasly coloured bastard.  I’d put the warm made up product (the warmer the better just don’t burn your scalp) on outside if you could and for the love of God wear gloves. Lush has a product Ultrabalm that  is a good barrier cream and their other product Ultrabland is a good cleaner to get it off.

The other downside is it’s like rubbing dirt in your hair and sort of makes it matt together sort of. You can’t use a hair dye brush because it’s more a grainy batter. Even when I tried to make it thinner that gritty consistancy is still there. I couldn’t comb it through my hair either. The longer you leave it the more intense the colour so I left it on my hair for 5 hours wrapped in gladwrap. Magic. You also have to wash it OUT pretty hardcore. It’s not like ‘oh wash it for a few minutes’. No. No. No. You wash it out for the next 86 years. Meh. The colour though. The colour.

Would I henna my hair again? Abso-freakin-loutly. Every 8 weeks I have the most viberant hair ever even if it does stain the bath and take forever to wash out.

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