Where I’ve been

So as you May or may not have noticed I’ve been away for a bit. Not just like where I’ve fallen behind but completely dropped off the grid. I’m back now, working on new content and getting back on track.

A while ago I got sick which lead to everything falling in a bit of a heap. I also had a round of depression happening which saw me trying my hardest and spinning my wheels. On top of that we just had all the kids NDIS plans approved and we’d started a double round of appointments which is more hectic than I anticipated.

It’s been a time. I can’t say I was too busy because everyone is busy. Everyone has life to do and hiding behind the busy-ness is a cop out. The blog just had to take a back seat for a hot minute while I did things.

I also found out during this time that I’m very high functioning Aspergers. Any formal testing at this stage isn’t really going to tell me anything new. For me it’s just a reason why I am the way I am. For example I say “people are garbage” a lot because the way they react, while normal to everyone else, is confusing as hell to me. In many ways I feel it’s bought me closer to the kids and it means I can stop hiding a lot of my weirder traits I keep under wraps. It feels really nice.

Oh and the Mr has been sick and had a couple of hospital stays. May need a few more. We’ll see.

That’s where I’ve been. Keep an eye out for a slow trickle of posts over the next couple of weeks and I’ll be back full strength soon.

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