Escape to the Chateau

I came across this show as I randomly do flicking through Foxtel on a Friday night. At one point Ads and I became quite taken with home improvement shows and this one seemed to take my fancy.

There’s a British, couple the Strawbridges, that buy a giant 45 room French castle/Chateau/mansion with all the out buildings and decide to do it up. It follows their trials and tribulations. I love it so very much.

I’m not sure if it’s because I grew up as the kid if parents who like to renovate or because something in me would love the challenge. All I know is that it makes me think about what I’d do to a house if we owned one.

To add further excitement they have DIY Chateau show where they look at other people’s fancy French chateau/mansion/castles and how they’re doing them up. Most of them are trying to be holiday destinations so there is a lot of fixing and getting ready for guests. Toilets that are busted that need fixing, furniture that needs recovering and in one case a bridge that needs building.

Its the ultimate in reality TV (without the crazy mess) and home decorating/ renovation shows. I for one love it.

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