3 great cards in tarot

This week I want to talk about 3 great cards to come out while getting your cards read. They aren’t always the most exciting cards or the sexiest cards but they’re a solid indication of something great is happening for you.

6 swords – in many decks it’s figures in a boat pushing off a jetty sailing away. In the case of my Le Grande deck it’s a strong man pushing people in a cart out of a circus tent. This is a good card because it shows you sailing away from the bullshit. You’re heading towards new adventures and projects. You’re leaving things in the past. This card also can mean there are things that need to be left behind that are weighing you down so you can grow.

3 of cups – In many decks it’s 3 people, usually women, dancing around together looking happy. This card normally shows collaboration and celebration. Be it getting together with friends or working on a new project, weddings, birthday celebrations and the like. This card could also be encouraging you to relax and take time for yourself to recharge. Either way you’re planning good things for the future. Connecting to your creativity through being social.

4 of Wands – This is a card in my Fountain deck that looks like 4 people playing with lightsabers on a beach. Its the card of home and being comfortable there. Improvements and a period of growth and happiness. It’s about being good with your life where it is at the moment.

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