Lush bath bomb round up

So as it’s probably very obvious if you follow me on the ‘gram I love a good bath. My weekly soak is my time to kick back, light a candle and relax with some New Age music. As follow is some of the best Lush bath bombs I’ve had thus far.

Sakura – one of my all time favorites. Pink and smells like cherry blossoms but not a lot of large bubbles which is ok. You smell fantastic when you get out. Mimosa flowers, vanilla and jasmine.

Lord of Misrule – starts off green and turns purple. Pepper and blackberry. Very musky earthy smell and whenever it comes out so buy everything I can in this fragrance. I should probably check out if it comes as a Lush perfume.

Calavera – very lime/citrus smelling. It’s both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

So White – smells very fresh and apple-ish. Quite invogorating.

Marshmallow World – very sweet and turns everything pink. Its a really relaxing smell with vanilla, lavendar and

Goddess – all the glitter all the time. So relaxing though and you glow silver.

Dragons Egg – bits of confetti which is nice with different colours inside. It’s one of the first bath bombs I tried with extra.

Golden Wonder – fizzy, gold and glittery. Everything gets covered in glitter and it’s not exactly a terrible thing.

Kitsune – smells like a damn bakery. There is a few different kinds of citrus oils in this bad boy and it makes your skin feel so nice. My husband actually commented about how nice I smelt. It’s so very relaxing.

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