Sometimes I’m late to the party with things. In this case I am super late to get on board with the likes of Netflix. I was really resistant because we already pay a nice price for Foxtel but then, at home from work recently because I was ill with the flu, I signed up for a months trial for a free.

Holy fucking shitballs its fantastic.

In the first 48hrs my husband binge watched 3 seasons of Brooklyn Nine Nine. It’s not hard to do considering Netflix does NOTHING to stop you from doing that other than asking you if you’re still watching. I myself have just branched out today and had a bit of a look. There are lots and lots of good kids shows. More importantly I found an BUNCH of cool shit. You know how you see funny clips of cool shows on Facebook and you say ‘wow what’s that on?’. Well they’re all on Netflix and I couldn’t be happier. I’m currently watching Frontier which is fucking awesome.

Is it worth it?

Well a basic Foxtel package with basics, kids, sports, movies and HD (that gets you Wentworth etc) it’ll cost you about $100 a month. If you’re just after some movies, cool series and happy to watch the footy live on TV then you could have a Netflix subscription on 2 devices for $13 a month. If you went for Stan which is a simmilar service with more exclusive content for almost the sawe price on top of what you pay for the internet.

Now we have a hell of a deal because we’ve had Foxtel forever (by that I mean 7+ years). We get the full package with internet for about $160. Spending $15 or so to get all the crazy TV we can watch is good considering we dont go to the movies and are always in search of something new.

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