Doing it scared

So this post was the hardest one to write. I’m not reviewing anything, I’m not completing a task or part of a challenge I’m just straight winging it. I’m worried I’ll sound dumb or some how magically forget how to write. Logically I know this isn’t true but it doesn’t stop me from feeling scared.

No one wants to look stupid. I mean I don’t care if I’m living my best life, having fun and I end up looking dumb. That’s neither here nor there. I get scared of doing things I love and am passionate about and end up I looking like an idiot.

Being scared doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the thing. You wanna lift like a bad bitch? Walk in that gym and start lifting (in a safe and correct manner) and work your way up to banging iron with the big kids. You want to draw? Buy yourself some pencils and get started (FIY a lot of cheap shops have some kick ass art supplies). You don’t have to show anyone or tell them you just need to get started.

There are very few people who are awesome at things straight out the gate. Shit, I bet even Da Vinci did some ordinary stuff in the beginning. I mean I have no proof but y’know it stands to reason. No one is born a master anything and if they are they’re the weird one because it puts them in that 2% of people along with supermodels.

So, instead of procrastinating (Da Vinci was a well know procrastinator) I’m just going to finish this post of, hook it up with a picture of the Vitruvian Man and hit send before I rewrite the whole thing for a 3rd time. Just like ripping a band aid off right? Gotta do it.

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