Bullet Journal Method

I have said before in other posts that I’m a massive fan of bullet journalling since I discovered it a few years ago. It’s part planner, part diary and a great way of taking note of stuff all in the one book. As a collector of information and maker of lists this makes me a happy panda.

The thing is I’d been doing it for all that time only going with what I’d found on the Bullet Journal website. I figured it was about time I had a try and read the book just to tuck it off the list. Considering this was on the ebook list from the library (slowly getting into ebooks) I figured why the heck not. Try out a new medium and a new book.

The book quite nicely sets out the basics of Bullet Journalling. What you need, how to set up and manage your journal. This book also goes through some goal setting, time management skills and a bit of motivational reading. This is where it lost me. Time management is cool I’ve got that down. Goal setting tips are good because not all methods work for all people. The motivational stuff got a bit preachy and not for me. To the point it turned me off a little.

All in all good if you want to learn what the hecking heck Bullet Journalling. Good if you’re just starting out with organisation and goal setting. Anything else and it’s a pass.

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