moon and rising

Most people know what your sun sign is. It’s what you look up in the paper or the latest edition of your favorite magazine. Have you ever wondered why they aren’t always specific and don’t always fit you? If you ever have your astrology chart done by an astrologer (or get a free one done on a website) you’ll realise that there are a lot of working parts. It’s those other bits that are what makes it specific for you.

The first thing that comes up in your chart is your sun sign. It’s what you look at when you first look up your horoscope. It’s your general personality. For example I’m a Scorpio. We get a bit of a rap for being intense, passionate and firey, Not exactly inaccurate if you’ve ever started talking to me about my kids. We also get a rep for being sexy and mysterious. I wouldn’t know about the first bit but I can tell you that 90% of the time I’ll only tell you 50% of what I’m thinking.

The second thing is your moon signs. It’s the part of you that only you see. It’s who you are and think you are on the inside. Its your emotions, instinct and the part of you that gets hidden. My moon sign is Aries which means a bunch of fire and hot headedness. There is a love for being spontantious and winning. I like to win….a lot……like a LOT.

The third thing is your ascendant sign. Its wat you outwardly express and who you appear to be to everyone else. Some branches of astrology think that this is just as, if not more important than the sun sign. Shows your coping mechanisms when things go to shit. My rising sign is Pisces which means to people I appear a bit soft, sensitive and emotional. It’s being able to mould yourself to whatever is the most dominant force to get it done. It’s also appearing a bit creative and artistic.

This is my overview of the ‘big three’ in astrology. Stay tuned next week for planitary shenanigans.

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