Best of Lush face masks

I use a lot of Lush products, granted and all the masks I use are lush. So, this is the best of Lush masks.

Mask of magnamity – this is the first and best mask I’ve used from Lush. It’s minty, clay based and my skin always feels glowy afterwards. It’s also pretty mild too which I like.

Rosy Cheeks – Again this is heavily kaolin based and full of soothing rose and calamine. It’s good for when I’m feeling a little fragile. It also smells really nice too like sitting in a rose garden.

Oatifix – This is all mushy banana and oaty goodness. It doesn’t dry down like the kaolin based masks and stays moist the whole time. It’s also a little more gentle on the exfoliation front too. It’s the one in this cover pic.

Cup o coffee – It’s all coffee all day. Smells like shot of espresso and will wake you up like one. My skin feels invigorated and fresh but if your skin doesn’t like to be scrubbed this isn’t the one for you.

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