Gentleman Jack

In the post Game of Thrones sadness I was scrolling through shows to watch. There had been an ad for a show Gnetleman Jack about a rather feisty lady who wasn’t taking anyones shit set in Victorian England. Looked pretty awesome.

Turns out it is pretty awesome. The whole show is about a woman called Anne from Yorkshire who was quite modern for her day. Educated, travelled, financially independant and a mad diarist. She wrote a 4 million word diary most of which was in code. Recorded everything in her life including her relationships. She was a lesbian in a time where being gay wasn’t openly accepted. She even took a wife in secret and it was concidered the first lesbian wedding in England.

The show itself is cool as the story. You love Anne for absolute lack of taking anyones shit. You get the sense of the time she lives in and the fragility of her poor partner Anne Walker. Miss Walker who isn’t well anyway seems to struggle more with her sexuality than Miss Lister, Listers family don’t seem to care about it but is whispered about by everyone else. Granted that it is problematic because it’s only a snap shot of a particular part of her life, however as a short biopic mini series its’s not horrendous, Yes there are no sex scenes just lots of kissing but to tell this part of her story I don’t think t here needs to be. I don’t think it detracts of the snap shot they’re going for.

It’s well worth the watch if you have Foxtel (I believe it’s on HBO in the states) or can get a hold of it.

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