Planitary position

So last week I was talking about the big three when it comes to astrology. The first 3 things people often look to on a birth chart. This week I’m going to look at the planets and what influence that has on your charts. Essentially each planet has its own area it governs and then that corresponds to a start sign at the time of your birth which gives that extra layer of depth to your horoscope/birth chart reading.

Mercury is all about communication and how your brain works. It shows if you’re sharp and to the point or waffle more than GRRM. It’s how you take in and use new information and gets a bad rap when it goes into retrograde (more on that later). Mercury is represented by the tarot card The Magician. It’s about gathering resources and how you use that to help others.

Venus is the planet of love and pleasure. She likes pretty things just because they’re pretty. There’s not a lot of rationality about it either. It’s romantic and soft. It’s also the planet showing how you relate to other people and how your relationships work. Venus is represented by The Empress. She’s nurturing, creative and all about bringing things into the world.

Mars is the planet governs a persons forcefulness, sex drive and how aggressive you are. It shows all things physical and how you deal with conflict. Lover or a fighter? Fight or flight? Mars is shown in the tarot card the Tower. Shaking everything down to the foundation to rebuild.

Jupiter is about luck and prosperity. Feel about as unlucky as it gets? Jupiter might be what’s messing with you. It shows good luck, optimism, success and generosity. It also shows abundance and how hard you have to work for the things you have. It corresponds to the wheel of fortune card. The flow of things in and out of your life.

Saturn is singing that Donna Summer song She Works Hard for the Money. It’s about ethics, hard work and how your deal with that. It’s represented by the tarot card The World. Knowing where your fit in this crazy crazy life and what your purpose is. It’s also being ok with that and knowing you’re putting in the hard yards,.

Uranus is a unique bitch and she’s in charge of change and originality. My husbands whale farm idea lives here because it’s about inventive or unconventional ideas. It’s what kind of genius you have and if there are going to be any left field events in your life. Eccentricities out the wazoo? It’s Uranus and that’s represented by the tarot card The Fool. New journeys, projects and beginnings are all here.

Neptune is where your dream life lives. Dreaming of a Kardashian mansion and holidaying is St Barts? It’s living on Neptune. It’s the power of imagination, where artistic vision and spirituality lives. I mean is it any wonder Pharrell used to be part of a group called The Neptunes if it’s where your creativity is? It’s also where your intuition likes to live and is represented by the tarot card the hanged man/woman/person. It’s a new way of seeing things.

Pluto is one intense beast. Its the planet for transformation, death, taboo and rebirth. It’s all about hidden depths and often associated with the tarot card judgement. Your highest good is here as well as any significant changes and challenges you might face on your way to said higher self. The way my chart sits I’m knee deep in this shenanigans and it’s not very surprising I’m into all things witchy and self transformation.

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