Planets in Houses

Not only do planets do different things but they occupy different spaces called houses. The sky is divided up into 12 houses. Also some of the examples I give are off my natal chart and I wont say which

First house is the house of self. It’s how you look on the outside to the rest of the world and your approach to life. It governs your personality. For example if you have moon in the first house you can’t hide how you feel. It’s written all over your face. You also have a profound effect on peoples emotions and feel the moon change phases really deeply. Ok, so, this is off my chart. I’ll own this one.

Second house is money and possessions. How you get it, income and financial prospects. It’s attitudes and the things you move through life. Earning power and the capacity to keep money. So say you have Pluto in your second house you’re more than likely obsessed with wealth. How to get it, keep it and grow it and possibly from taboo sources (remember Pluto is all death, sex and the occult).

Third house is communication. Self expression, family ties and day to day travel. Ability to study and learn. If you had Venus in your third house say, you’d be able to charm your way in and around anyone. Not in a mean and nasty way but flattery would infact get you everywhere.

Fourth house governs home life and the past. The relationships with your parents and the security you seek in the old age. Its what you keep private from the rest of the world. For example if you have Mars in the fourth house you possibly have a massive need to protect your family. There is crazy amounts of familial pride attached to their achievements.

Fifth house is the house of creativity, children, joy and sex. Rules over creativity and pleasure. It relates to entertainment, holidays and artistic pursuits. So say you have Jupiter hanging here, chances that you love kids and are good with them. Joy is a massive priority in your life and you spend your time with those who give you the most and on things that make you happy.

Sixth house is that of services and health . Its your need to help others and to be of use to the world. It’s how you help those worse off than yourself. How you relate to those you work with. For example if you have Mars *here* you throw everything into your work to the point of it being unhealthy. You probably love routines and doing aggressive physical activity.

Seventh house is the house of partnership and marriage, It looks at what kind of relationships you will have and not just the romantic ones. This is also the house of ambition, aspiration and attainment. So if you have Saturn in this house marriage will be a bit of a tricky beast and you shouldn’t do it before your Saturn return and it’s more than likely with someone who is stable with lots of Capricorn in their chart.

Eighth house is all sorts of death, sex, regeneration and spiritual transformation. Its where your psychic powers, occult studies and knowledge is. So if you had Mercury in this house you deep dive everything and probably have more than a passing interest in the occult. They can be sarcastic, morbid, like discovering things out about people and their words can have a great effect on people.

Ninth house is that of mental exploration and long distance travel. Its also indicative of higher education, and literary efforts. If you have Uranus in this house you’re a picture perfect rebel. A revolutionary. Someone who doesn’t want to be told what and how to think. You look for your own path to spirituality.

Tenth house is career and public standards. All matters outside the home, profession and outward expression of your talents. If you have Venus in this house you’re in luck. You can charm people and speaking in front of audiences comes easily. There is love and admiration from others in what you do and it’s easy for you to cultivate a professional image that people fall in love.

Eleventh house deals with friends, hopes and wishes. It’s about long term dreams, goals and group interactions. If you were to have the Moon in this house you’d place lots of self worth on friendships and socialisation. You may have lots of female friends and be quite sentimental about the friendships. Too much moon and your emotions will throw the group off.

Twelfth house is one of secrets, sorrows and self defeat. It also covers spiritual debt, punishments, and psychic powers. Say if you had Jupiter in this house may mean you’re compassionate and care deeply about people. You could be in the church or working in hospitals. Being up to your knees in the metaphysical is also very possible with you being in touch with that part of life.

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