The Dirt

Motlee Crue was a rock band from the 80s. Larger and louder than life in an age where excess was expected. The Dirt is the story of the wild early years based on a book of the same name (I haven’t read it). The various addictions, marraiges and periods of fighting. Hell Nikki Sixx was even legally declared dead for a few minutes and had another almost fatal overdose.

The movie is good. It’s wild, campy and everything you expect that a movie about an 80s rock supergroup. Tommy Lee even comes off as a sweet and adorable almost normal kid if you ignore the violence and alcoholism. The only thing that is upsetting it the fact the movie seems unfinished. I know it’s a snapshot of a particular point in the bands history but it seems to just cut off. Boom. Nothing.

If you love Motlee Crue chances are you’ve already seen it. If you like campy rock and roll movies it’s for you. If you want to find out why Nikki Sixx isn’t dead yet and apparently has nine lives? This is not explained. Still worth the watch.

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