Worst Day Ever

About a month ago I had the worst day ever. It was the worst day in about 15 years. Nothing was really wrong as such and there was no massive life event that happened. All the little things that were wrong build up to enough of a big thing and BOOM. Implosion. My brain had tuned into a black hole.

A black hole is a pretty good analogy really (don’t come for me astrophysicists please). You’re a star. A bright and shining mass with all the things you do held in your gravitational pull. You’re rocking and shining doing your thing. Then all of a sudden you can’t hold onto everything. Too many appointments, extra stress at work or with a relationship and you collapses under its your own gravity. Boom! Black hole.

Can you reverse a black hole? Yes! They evaporate when the radiation and particles at the event horizon starts coming out and it’s mass isn’t big enough to maintain itself (again astrophysicists give your girl a break I’m doing a thing). So? This means for you that you gotta let go of some of the things that are weighing you down. Let go about some of the stuff at the edges. It’s harder to be down when you have less stuff keeping you down.

I let a bunch of stuff go that day. I talked to some people I can trust. I put a few things on the back burner. The folding didn’t need to be done right this second. I really didn’t need to be thinking about gardening on Sunday on a Wednesday.No one was going to die if I just took a step back for a day or 2 to get my head together. It worked. The black hole reversed and I feel 110% better.

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