Peeling foot mask

Recently I was rolling about Priceline just having a look at a few things and I came across a peeling foot mask. It was one of the ones that supposedly makes your feet peel like a banana. It’s gross but I was curious.

The one I actually got was Foot Peel by Skin Republic. They’re a pair of plastic bootie/sock type shenanigans. You cut them in half, whack them on and wait. I forgot I had them the night I tried them so I put them on at bedtime and put a pair of socks on then set my alarm for 2 hours so I could take them off.

The booties are sort of like having wet plastic bags on your feet which is really uncomfortable and slippery. Especially when you’re trying to get cordial for one of the kids. After the 2 hours I pulled them off my feet, wiped them down and went to bed. The packet said to wait 7 days so I did. Nothing, and for $10 really what was I expecting. Took my weekly soak in the tub and….bingo. I got out of the bath and all the skin on my feet started to peel. Not in a gross horrific sunburn kind of day but some light peeling. A bit of pumice stone later and I’m peeling like a damn banana. Some foot moisturiser and I thought, fantastic, all the skin is off. Um, no. Socks come off after work and the skin on my feet are still peeling.

Now the packet said it takes 7-10 days to work so it worked in the set amount of time. It wasn’t miraculous results and for $10 that’s cool. The instructions also said to wait 6 weeks between treatments. Now I’m not sure if it’s because it’s going to take 6 weeks to peel or because your feet can’t handle it. Either way I’m pretty impressed so far because for all the shenanigans my feet are actually smooth and feel nice.

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