Forgetting Who You Are

Have you ever had those days where you have no freakin idea what you’re doing or where you’re going? It sort of feels like all your clothes are on backwards when they aren’t. I have a few times and I think it’s because you forget who you are. Not in an amnesia Days of Our Lives way but you forget a bit what you’re capable of.

Last week I talked about having the worst day ever and your brain being  sucked into a black hole. Part of it is because I forgot who I was. I was stuck in the day to day things. Who needed to go where, what needed to get paid, what disaster happened that morning and who was sick and needing what. I was so far in that mess I forgot who I was.

I’m the person who went into a meeting of Very Important People from the local school district and told them to shove it. I’ve only missed one of the kids therapy sessions. I’ve gotten over random people hating my guts for no good reason. I’ve had 2 successful pregnancies. Made it through 3 cancer scares with my husband. Slid through work drama like I’m on Teflon and can organise all our shit within an inch of my life.

I forgot of all that. When I remembered, or more accurately reminded of this I released there’s nothing I couldn’t handle.

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