You Can Heal Your Life

This book is wierd. The things I liked I really like. The things I didn’t like I really REALLY didn’t like.

The positive – I like the stuff about mindset. Change your thinking and change the way things in your life go. For example if you walk around whinging about everything and everyone chances are you’re going to feel like shit. If you get up and be happy about the fact you have coffee, it’s sunny outside and you’ve got a house to live in shit is just a little less bad.

The negative – the idea that wrong thinking can cause disease and ALL the bad shit in your life. What the actual fuck. AIDS, cancer, the whole damn lot. There is a bit in the book where Hay speaks about her own cancer being healed with positive thinking. I’ve done a bit of trolling about on the internet and while most credible sources say that yes, positive thinking can help because taking care of your mental health is always a good things. Not ONE source or study says that positive thinking alone will cure cancer. Fucking bullshit. Who in the hell is Hay to tell people things like abuse, poverty and life threatening illness is your fault through wrong feeling. It also assumes a certain level of privilege which not all people have.

The book is I think in part common sense but like a lot of things sometimes you need it pointed out. I must admit that since reading the book that I have found myself thinking in a more positive way, and it’s effected the people around me not just myself in a good way. I do think it’s got the potential to cause harm though and that is not ok. If you’re going to read it like anything take the bits you like and leave the bits you don’t.

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