Mercury in Retrograde

If you’re looked at any kind of new age or astrology pages anywhere in the last month or so you’ll have seen the phrase Mercury retrograde. If something has gone wrong, broken or shit went down it’s because of Mercury retrograde.

So what exactly is Mercury retrograde? It means that instead of going forward doing her thing she’s going backwards. Mercury in itself is all about communications, contracts, agreements and that sort of thing. Cool. So in retrograde all that shit goes sideways. Phones break, computers go funky, people argue and public transport is shenanigans. That is Mercury retrograde.

Now, as far as planets go Mercury does this dance at least 3 times a year. So not only is Mercury being funky what sign it’s in can lead to an extra layer of WTF. So we’ve just had mercury retrograde in Leo and Cancer so it was a time for watching your investments and possibly having to redo repairs that were done previously. Also, expect domestic duties to go sideways.

How do you know Mercury is retrograding? Like all good things you can Google it. So, next retrograde is in October in Scorpio (right around my birthday no less) so expect passions to go skew if. Plenty of time to prepare and batten down the hatches and may God have mercy on your soul.

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