New Bath Bomb

It’s that time again folks where I review the latest bath bombs I’ve tries from Lush. Be warned 3/4 of them have micro glitter in them and half have cocoa butter. I think I must have been thinking fabulous luxurious thoughts when I was ordering this time around.

Hulder – this one wasn’t really my favorite. I appreciate the rock salt in it because I find it good on all my aches and pains. There was a slight citrusy, winey, frankincese smell and it made the bath a pretty shade of purply green.

Gold rush – This was by far the best one out of this bunch and that’s saying a lot. It had a scent that was warm and citrusy and I couldn’t quote put my finger on. I’d say that’s the geranium, grapefruit and rosemary oils in it. I used it after the gym on my sore muscles (yeah, I’m back at the gym) and it was amazing. There is also a little micro glittered covered disk of cocoa butter which just mad everything that much more gorgeous. I  was shining bright like a diamond although so was my bath when I let the water out. Not exactly mad about it though.

Golden pear – I’m not sure what I expected but somehow this one just seemed a little underwhelming. I think because it was shaped like a pear and covered in glitter I thought something miraculous was going to happen. It’s a beautiful earthy smelling thing bath bomb with a sandalwood and  orange scent. The whole thing is cut in half and smooshed back together with a bunch of cocoa butter to give whole bath a warm moisturising feel.

‘Cream -shaped like a little mask from the movie Scream this oily little dude is amazing. It smells exactly like a cherry danish or a Bakewell tart. Notes of  cherry, almonds and cocoa butter. It was so relaxing and moisturising that I stayed in longer than usual. If you’re after a seriously yummy smelling bath product this is is and it ranks up there in my all time favorites.

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