Over the last few months I’ve been branching out in my areas of spirituality and divination. A few months ago I got myself a pendulum. In my case it’s an arrow shaped piece of Jade on a chain.

The idea is that you ask a question and depending on the swing of the pendulum is the answer. Have you ever seen someone try and find the sex of a baby with a wedding ring on a string? It’s a pendulum

I’ve had really really good responses with it. I’ve picked the outcomes of a few tense situations, the outcomes of sports matches, bets and even a friends job interview.

It’s also one of the easier methods of divination I’ve used so if you’re a total total n00b this would be an excellent way to dip a toe in. Yes no questions work really well too so if you’re after a clarifier for another method e.g. tarot, runes, oracle cards this is great for that. It’s also super portable and could be popped in a small pouch or headphone case if you wanted answers on the go.

If you’re so inclined pendulums aren’t overly expensive (I think mine was $15) or if you wanted to make your own it would be just as easy. Just ground yourself and try a few test questions where you know the answers to see what your directions are. Mine is clockwise yes and anti clockwise no then go to town.

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