Enough is enough

This week has been a bit of a mess. Our son was sick most of this week. Real sick. Home from school lay in bed or on the lounge and not move even for ice cream sick. He started to get better then my husband started to get sick. On Friday night I started to feel like hot garbage, then I turn on my phone after work to find we’re now officially Plague Haus complete with vomit.

We are all sick.

So I stopped past the late night Coles and picked up all the comfort food I could then headed home. For a day and a half I let myself be sick. Snotting all over the shop and feeling like death warmed up. I even made Phoeys infamous Flu Brew that has cured half of my workplace. I slept for 3 hours thanks to my wonderful husband and who also made dinner.

Then I woke up Sunday and decided enough was enough and I wasn’t going to be sick. We opened up the house and aired it all out. River and I went to our local Lush store for a bit of an adventure. After washing and tidying the sick out of our house I felt a little better. Not 100% but better than the day before. I just decided that I’d had enough of feeling like garbage.

In fact I’ve done that a few times with various things. I just decided one day I’d had enough of being scared and just started this blog. I’d had enough of being a miserable bastard all the time and change the way I did things. I decided enough was enough and I didn’t have to hide my witchy ways.

Even more recently Ads and I decided enough was enough and it was high time we took better care of our health. Back to the gym we went encouraging each other on.

Don’t ever be afraid to call time on something and say enough is enough. Wether it be changing something, starting something or no longer accepting something. Take charge, do it for you and as cliche as it sounds live your best damned life.

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