How to tell your tarot deck personality

I am a tarot reader and like most readers I have multiple decks, 4 to be exact. They all have different personalities and are good for different things. Now I know it sounds batshit insane for a deck of cards to have a personality but each deck is unique in its own way.

I have a traditional Rider Waite Smith deck which is the main deck you see and most decks are based on the same picture lay out. It’s like an old faithful pair of jeans. Comfortable, reliable and never difficult to use. This is in direct contrast to say my Le Grande Circus and Sideshow deck. She is one sassy lady and will call you out on ALL your bullshit. This is particularly good if you need the hard truth of a situation. She’s even more sassy than my deck made of drag queens who you’d naturally think would have more charisma , uniqueness, nerve and talent than any other deck.

Exactly how does one figure out a decks personality? Well, I do a deck interview spread normally to find out any new decks strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes you can just tell. I could tell from the word go my circus deck was a bit sassy.

So if you are out and about and pick up a tarot or oracle deck see how you feel. If any feelings pop up. Chances are that’s a bit of a clue of what it’s about. Now go talk to your decks!

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