I refilled my printer cartridge

Recently my husband got a fancy new job and for said job we had to print off some papers. Our printer ink was running out and because we have a pretty cheap printer the ink isn’t hard to come by except when you really need it for important documents apparently.

After a little bit of umming and ahhing and the magical ‘back room’ being empty I decided to bite the bullet and get a DIY cartridge refill kit. How hard can it be I thought. I’ve done much harder things with no clue.

Honestly, it wasn’t hard at all.

The kit had a tiny little plastic hand drill and some pretty easy to follow instructions. Or even points out where the refill hole is on the different cartridges. You make a hole, fill the cartridge, clean up and cover the hole with a sticker. I put an old Coles catalogue and paper towel down to cover the table and used a pair of gloves to stop my hands getting gross.

After a quick print head alignment we were back in business. The ink worked just as good as a brand new cartridge.

Would I do it again? Hecking yes!! It’s cheaper than a brand new cartridge and I can get 4 refills out of the one kit. Works out to be $6.75 a refill rather than $35 for a new cartridge every damn time. Not only is it budget friendly and easy, it’s good for the environment. What else do you want really?

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