Simply living update

So the last few months have been all over the shop. I’ve done a pretty poor job of sticking to the theme of the month however recently I’ve been branching out into sustainable living.

So far I’ve only taken baby steps. I got some metal reusable straws that are awesome. I have one in my work bag, one in my hand bag and some in the kitchen draw. They are really nice and a pack of 4 cost me $3 from Kmart I think. We also have a few stainless steel refillable bottles. I cart my reusable coffee cup about too for takeaway coffees

I’ve also tried to use plastic containers where I can to store left overs. Similarly I’ve bought some heavy duty resealable ziplock bags from Multix which I use for Hunters sandwiches. They reuse well. I haven’t branched out into the silicone ones yet but I have been researching a fair bit into which are the best.

As I said it’s only the beginning of this journey for me. I’m only just starting to dip my foot into which products are eco friendly but I’m trying to take baby steps and make sure the changes I make are sustainable for us.

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