The Universe Has Your Back

It’s no secret I’m up to my butt crack in all things spirituality. When that happens you tend to run across the same books and thought leaders (I’m not calling them gurus it makes me feel icky). The Universe Has Your Back is one of those things. Over and over it popped up in podcasts and in my feed so I took it as a sign from the universe I needed to read it. That, or internet algorithms really get me.

I decided on the audiobook format because I could get my hands on it immediately and really didn’t want to wait for shipping. I’d also bought a new pair of headphones and was desperate to give them a whirl.

Firstly I’m in love with my headphones. Second of all I love this as an audiobook. Gabrielle Bernstein has a voice that you want to listen to. She sounds so nice and someone you could be mates with maybe if you were much much cooler. There are a few name drops here and there but if you could say that your book was loved by Oprah tell me you wouldn’t drop that every now and then. Seriously, with a straight face. You know you would.

The message is pretty clear. Trust your gut, trust the universe and it’s going to be alright. Even if you’re not sure how shit is going to work it’ll be ok. As the book goes along there is exercises to go along with it. Those exercises go through Bernstein’s theory of fear holding you back and how to get over that to live the life you want. I found it useful even though by the end of it the tone got very religious.

Am I a Gabrielle Bernstein junkie now? Well I did pre order her new book Super attractor. Am I sure the universe has my back? Yeah, I do, but then I did anyways. Do I know that this sort of concept depends a lot on privilege? Fuckin ay I do. Not to do so is pretty careless. Would I recommend this to people? Yes. Read it, look at the concepts and like anything in life take the bits that resonate with you and leave the rest behind.

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