Right now I’m going through the first proper blog overhaul in 18 months and I’m also reconfiguring my tarot reading Instagram page at the same time. I know, it’s like I like to drive myself crazy. So I subscribed to some really cool blogging podcasts. One of them mentioned an app called Canva. Now I have it but I never really used it much until today.

Holy fuckballs you guys it’s awesome.

So the context Canva was brought up was making templates for recurring posts. This tweaked my interest since I do card of the week posts on my tarot page. A template would be good for that. It also would help me with the blog Instagram to make my content pop a little more for things like book reviews.

This morning I opened up the app with the intention of setting a template for my regular Tarot card posts. I swear it couldn’t have been easier. The app lays out all the premade templates accessible to you in the app (I have the free version). You can make your own but I figured I’d roll with a set format until I knew what I was doing. Next I picked the colours I likes for different areas and then added my own pics and text. Hit the download button and boom! Done! It literally took me half hour to set up.

This is what I made literally in half an hour with a coffee in my hand

After that I pumped out 2 more card reads and a book review template. If you follow the Instagram account you would have seen it yesterday. The app also allows you to do a variety of Facebook image types, flyers, book covers, Instagram stories. For very little effort it gives you some very slick looking images. I know I’m excited about it.

If you’re in the social media sphere it’s well worth the look.

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