Sustainable Living

So this year has been about dialing things back and doing a bit more stuff at home with gardening, cleaning, being organised etc. I’ve also started branching into sustainable living in the process. All that means is that I’m trying to use less shit and be nicer to the Earth.

This doesn’t mean I’m about to throw out my Nespresso machine and never buy anything fancy, It just means I’m going to be a bit more aware of what I use and how I do things. So yeah I have a Nespresso machine *but* I can recycle the aluminium pods. I could also in the future look into buying reusable steel pods you refill yourself with coffee I got at the farmers market. Yeah I buy a fair bit of Lush stuff but they have a program where you can swap 5 black pots for a face mask. Boom pots gone and hello free mask!

To me sustainable not only means nicer to the Earth but also a way of doing things that is for you. So, yes, a lot of sustainable living sites suggest taking public transport however if it takes me 3 buses and 2 meltdowns and being home after dark to get the kids to and from their appointments every week *on* said public transport? That’s a hard pass. Can I use steel refillable drink bottles, keep cups and lunch boxes to save on packaging? Heckin’ yes! Can I turn appliances off at the wall when not in use? Fuckin’ ay I can.

The other thing is that on doing a lot of research the reusable stuff is pretty expensive. II get it’s a one time cost because you’ll save by not having repeat purchases. For example I looked at getting some silicone ziplock bags and they are up there in price (I think the cheapest I saw was $15) and I know in this house the steel closures some used would either be lost or used as a weapon. I did however find some heavy duty plastic reusable ziplock bags at Coles that were $6 for 3 and they’re great. I have washed them a bunch of times and they are still going strong a month or 2 later. I wouldn’t say throw out brand new toothbrushes because they’re plastic. I would replace them with wooden ones as needed, sure.

I think it’s about starting where you are with what you have. Especially if you’re not in charge of a majority of the stuff in your house or for whatever reason are restricted with what actions you take. Do what you can do.

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