Stranger Things update

So way back back in the day I wrote about watching Stranger Things. As soon as we got Netflix one of the first thing I did was binge watch season 2 and 3 of said show. Holy forking shirtballs it’s good. So good.

Well that’s sort of a lie.

Season 2 is slow as heck. Not season 5 Game of Thrones slow but getting there. They introduce a new baddie and the excitement doesn’t sort of kick in to nearer the end. They also introduce a new character that’s like Eleven which is awesome but I think it’s a total waste since they do next to nothing with that. Maybe the will in future seasons but it seemed sort of pointless having her there. Then all the exciting stuff happens and there is a death and bang it’s over.

Season 3 though. That bitch. She’s exciting from the word go. There is mystery and intrigue, the gang gets split up but reunites. There are a range of bad guys and the episodes are each as exciting as the last one until boom! The season is over and you’re left with a bunch of questions. The most curious one isn’t even related to the plot it’s the fact the next season is going to roll into 1988. I’ll be set when Beetlejuice and Heathers was the biggest movies of the year and Winona Ryder, Joyce, was in both. Since they have been really accurate with their timelines I’m curious how that’s gonna play out.

I’m super keen to see how season 4 will play out and the Duffer brothers have hinted that it’ll be more than likely be the last season, however another producer said it could maybe run for five. Either way we’re not likely to find out before 2021 when this last season is due to air. If you haven’t already jumped on it have a look at Stranger Things. Well worth it.

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