Back to the gym

3 weeks ago I started back at the gym. It coincided with my husband being on holidays and I could go just about every night after work which turned out to be about 9:45 – 10pm at night. Cool, cool, cool, cool , cool. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought because I had a bigger reason than just getting a summer body/getting fit.

Adam (my husband) has been sick for a while with his gut. His specialist told him he needed to lose a substantial amount of weight and that way he doesn’t have to have an operation. The other complication is that because he’s such a large human naturally they wont do the operation even if they wanted to because it would be even riskier at his current weight. So, Ads agreed to lose the weight and he would let me help him. I’m in charge of the food and he’s in charge of his fitness. He was off work for 3 weeks to use up some annual leave and the deal was I went to the gym, then he did. The way I saw it I had to go to the gym so Ads went because that was the deal. I was going so he could and that’s what pushed me along when I didn’t want to go.

Here’s the thing. Going 4-5 days a week for a few weeks felt good. I mean really good. I had more energy, I was loving working out and being at the gym. I loved the way my body felt and the fact my clothes weren’t so snug. I felt like a bad ass again. I felt strong and capable on multiple fronts and I realized that going to the gym to look good is one thing. However it’s the confidence and mental health benefits that I really missed. I had to be forced into seeing it and it’s one of those things that you cant unsee once you have seen it.

Sure I had some time off when we all became really really sick and one night at work was an absolute shitstorm and I was tired, Did it stop me from going? , No, because my why was so strong. I still went back this week and even though I struggled (I’ve been trying a dedicated ass workout so my ass literally struggled) I went back. Something must be working because Ads has lost 10cm in his pants size (fuck yeah!!), I bought a pair of skinny jeans and I still want to keep workin out.

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