Spring Clean

The change of season came on strong this year. Last Sunday was a bit miserable and cold them boom! Sun’s out, birds are singing, it’s warm and spring has arrived. So much so it’s 5am right now (yeah, it’s the only time I get to write) and I’m not even wearing a jumper.

I love this time of year because I can start to open up the house more. The windows get thrown open early and I get fresh air into the house. It also triggers the mass spring clean that happens every year here. It’s actually exciting. This year we’re starting with the outside first with all the gardens. Mowing, whipper snipping, weeding my garden and figuring out what to plant. That’ll be the fun bit. When it’s time to go to Bunnings and get a new basil plant, some new plants for the garden.

Next week will be the inside. Blowing out the cobwebs, cleaning the carpets and knocking the dust off everything. Checking everyone’s clothes for when I do the clothing restock for summer The other fun part of the inside is cleaning out the fridge and freezer to make space for the fruit salads and prepped containers of salad ingredients

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