Wireless Headphones

I got my tax return back this year and decided to treat myself. I let the moths out of my wallet and bought a proper set of wireless headphones. It was at the same time as a sale so that was pretty good.

I did my research and in the end I got JBL 600BT headphones.

Holy forking shirtballs. My previous wireless ear were an $8 pair from Coles of all places that I loved. These are 110 million percent better. One of the things I like about them is the fact they’re noise cancelling. The kids can be easily overwhelmed with lots of noise and if they were to wear my headphones it cuts out the noise and makes it a little calmer #fact.

The battery life is awesome and goes for over 12 hours. It even has a little battery bar on the device to let you know where you’re at. I let them run right the way down and even at it’s lowest I still managed to get through and entire 1.5hr workout with it giving me the ‘please charge’ warning. They also fold down which is nice. I went and bought a $7 case (thank Kmart) to store them in that’s definitely not compact. If you wanted to fold them down they’d fit into a large handbag zip section easily or slide into a back section of a back pack.

They’re normally $129 but I got them for $104. I could have splashed out on Beats or some Sony ones but for what I wanted I didn’t need $300 headphones. Especially where the kids were concerned. I’ll happily go with these bad boys and even if money was no object I’d still have gotten these.

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