3 people worth following on social media

Today I’m going to bring you 3 people I follow on social media who’s content I love.

Robyn McAlpine Expert Skin Therapist. Robyn is an award winning corneotherapist, self confessed skin nerd and head honcho over at Skintifix. Not only is she one of the nicest human beings she’ll also set you straight about your skin. What ingredients are good for your skin, what kind of skin you have and how not all products are created equally. Robyn is massive on education surrounding skin and learning about your skin from the ground up to make it the most magnificent thing it can be. She literally wrote a book on it. Robyn is also funny, authentic and I find her really inspirational because on top of all of the awesome skin saving she’s a boss babe who has her own business and is kicking all the goals.

Neghar Fonooni – Bad ass witch babe and owner of Salt and Sorcery. I first came across this lovely lady when I was getting into tarot by way of some of the other women in fitness that I follow. Not only is Neghar real as fuck she doesn’t pull any punches. She has a habit of posting things on her Instagram that will speak to your soul. Not only that she helps those who identify as womxn step into their power and spirituality.

Barry Harden Upman – football man of mystery and podcaster. Now after those two phenomenal ladies Uncle Baz looks like a bit of a strange choice, but stay with me. Not only does he have the kind of rugby league banter you’d have with your mates he’s one of the MOST vocal people supporting women in rugby league. He speaks about the women’s game EXACTLY like he does the men’s. He’s interviewed WNRL players on the podcast, raves about the games and promotes it like nothing else. Uncle Baz is also a mad supporter of the cheerleaders as more than just eye candy. He’s dedicated a couple of podcast episodes to them and spruiks about how great they are as ambassadors for the game.

So do yourselves a favour and check out 3 of my favourite people on social media.

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