I wanna Stroope baby

So, this time the random buy wasn’t after work at Coles. This time it was at Jesmond Fruit Barn where I get all our produce (they are also great with River). I was cruising through the aisle and I came across Stroopewafels. Now I vaguely remember seeing them on Instagram (I wanna say wifelife) and was very curious. In my trolly they went.

Now according to Wikipedia Stroopewafels are baked dough sandwiches together with caramel syrup. Apparently it literally means syrup cookie. Cool cool. Now if you eat one straight out of the packet they are chewy as all get out. They taste similar to a cinnamon doughnut which isn’t terrible at all. What I should have done is read about the fact you’re supposed to put the biscuit on the top of your warm beverage to heat it up before you eat it.

What I did do is dunk it in my coffee like a regular biscuit. Not bloody bad. Softer and chewier but no where near as soft as letting it steam. I’d definitely buy them again as a treat to eat when you’re feeling fancy.

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