My meditation practise

Hello, my name is Casey and I meditate.

Back in the day I wrote about trying to meditate and how it calmed my brain. Since then I’ve progressed not out of sight but I have gotten better at it. I meditate now for about 10 minutes before bed most nights then once a week in the bath for what seems like a million years.

Meditating for me isn’t what you’d think. I don’t sit on a cushion somewhere with incense going and chant a mantra or anything like that. I set my timer for 10 minutes, put on my headphones and play some new age plinky plonky music from a playlist I created. I sit in bed (the kids are normally next to me asleep) and concentrate on the sounds of the music and let my brain do it’s thing. My brain pretty much empties straight away which is nice. Most nights I get pictures and images float through my head, most of which I can’t explain and that’s ok. They’re never scary.

I like I said I still meditate in the bath. This time it’s with bath bombs and a candles. If you’ve seen the Sunday night Insta stories you know what I mean. It’s a relax in the bath for my body while I switch off my brain and let it relax. The pictures and images are more intense. Some people say that its messages from spirit guides. Some reckon is your brain doing stuff of another plane of existence. I don’t know what my brain is doing but it’s doing something and it’s causing me to de-stress so Im gonna keep doing that.

That’s why I make the little bit of time every day for meditation. I notice I’m far less crazy when I do and with the insane amount of shit we do every week your girl could use a little down time.

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