Spring Essentials

Spring is here and it’s a whole new season. That means it’s time to dig out my spring favorites. Don’t worry it’s not a list of products either.

1. A good spring clean (inside and out).

Spring is a great time to blow the cobwebs out of everything. I open up the windows even though it’s chilly in the mornings and freshen the house up. This year I decided to start on the outside first. Giving the lawns and gardens a bit of a once over and starting to decide what kind of things I want to plant this Summer. I’m actually considering extending our garden to make it bigger so I can grow lettuce and maybe some tiny capsicums and cucumbers. Next it will be the inside of the house which will be a far bigger task. Knocking out the dust, going through everyone’s clothes to what doesn’t fit and what does, all with some good tunes and a bucket full of cleaning products. I also use this time to go through my beauty products, change things out and top up the things I know I’ll want for summer.

2. Trip to Bunnings

I fucking love Bunnings and it’s not just about sausage sangas. Remember where I said I’m thinking about extending the garden? That’ll be a trip to Bunnings. It’ll also be where I pick up seedlings for any new veggies I’m planting as well as any flowers. Not just that they have storage tubs (hello Lego) and heaps of stuff for cleaning and repairs. It’s as good as a trip to Kmart and literally down the road.

3. Sun protection

Now I can hear your disapproving looks from here. In winter I get a bit lax on the sun protection because I spend MUCH less time outdoors. As soon as Spring hits I’m all about the sun protection because as a redhead I burn like nothing else. Good face sunscreen, lather on the Banana Boat, New sunnies and a hat. All about that because seriously, I’m getting too old to be sun burnt badly every summer. I also want to send a good example the to the kidlets of how to take care of yourself.

4. A good playlist

How in the heck are you going do all this clearing out and gardening without some good tunes? I already have playlists for the gym, those days you need to kick some ass and some for when you want to start up your own version of Carpool Kareoke happening. Start up a Spring list and put your cheesiest, boppiest, feel good songs. How can you hate mowing when your rocking along to Wake Me Up (Before You Go Go)? Scrubbing the bath sucks but not when you’re singing Spice Up Your Life?

5. Lists

It’s no secret I’m an organisational nut. I love me a good diary and scheduling session. Spring wouldn’t be spring without a whole new set of lists. In our case the first list I make is what clothes the kids are going to need going into summer and what size shoes, shirts and pants they are. Second is what kind of repairs we need to do to the house and what we’re going to need to organise/store stuff over the summer. I’ll need a list of plants I want to put in this summer and when I need to have them planted by as well as what I need to do to the garden. Lastly is the fun lists. Christmas presents, books to read, movies to see and things to try. Do I end up with bundles of paper? Sort of because I keep them all in my diary. I also keep a list on my phone of the most important stuff (kids clothing/shoe sizes, what homewares and clothes we need) just incase we come across a bargain.

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