The Unicorn Store

The thing that suckered me in right off the bat was Samuel L Jackson as the owner of a unicorn store. Im not even going to lie. The idea intrigued me.

The general idea is that a Kit a woman who sees the fun an whimsical side of life moves back in with her parents after leaving art school. Everyone is so serious and boring except her. Kit gets a job at a boring temp agency and while she’s there she get an invitation to attend ‘The Store’ where she meets The Salesman who tells her she’s getting a Unicorn. However to get the Unicorn she need to make all these provisions for it and get it ready. As she does this her family think she’s lost her damn mind. She enlis ttshe help of a local guy Virgil who helps her build the stables and she tells him about the Unicorn, The Store and The Salesman. He thinks it’s all a crock and when Kit is called and told to get her Unicorn she very nearly doesn’t get it. Virgil convinces her that it’s a bad idea. In the end she DOES get her Unicorn but lets it go to someone who needs it more.

I guess the whole movie is saying that we should all live with some sort of whimsy in our lives. Following our dreams and passions and not get bogged down in the boring mundanity of life. My husband described the movie as weird. It’s certainly not a big budget movie in the slightest but it’s really enjoyable I think. It’s kind of sort of movie you could happily watch on a day you need something a little uplifting or different.

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