The Clairs

Today we’re wading knee deep into the woo talking about the 4 clair psychic abilities, Clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience. Most psychically inclines people have one or two of these and like anything they’re better if you practice.

Clairvoyance – seeing shit. It’s the once where you see in movies where people have visions and also covers people who see spirit guides and auras. It’s not always like a movie in front of your eyes like you’re watching Netflix. Sometimes it’s like when you remember being drunk from the night before and all the shit you did. You can see it in your head.

Clairaudience – hearing shit. Joan of Arc? Clairaudient. It’s hearing the messages as sound. It’s not always voices from the ether either its music too. I hear music. True story. I could be walking down the street and a song will pop into my head. Not like when you walk around your house singing a song while you clean or the last song you hear on the radio gets stuck in your head. This is clear and persistant like it’s on loop and meant for me to hear. 9/10 times the song will fit a situation that needs a solution. Once I take action on the advice the song goes. It’s for the most part fun and I have a LOT of music on my phone now (I download all the songs). It wasn’t fun that one time I was haunted by Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac for 3 weeks.

Claircognizance – knowing shit. It’s knowing things you shouldn’t know without knowing why. It’s the gut feelings you *know* are right. It’s also the ‘Clair’ that wigs people out the most like you can spontaneously know their secrets. I get it a lot when I’m reading tarot. Information just pops in for whatever reason. As for randomly knowing your secrets, ah no. Most of the time I don’t want to know and if something does pop in my head I’m not going to say “oh yeah btw…” and just go to town on you. I just won’t say anything.

Clairsentience- feeling shit. Do you ever meet someone and you instantly get the feeling their no good? That’s it. That’s clairsentience. Being able to feel when people are off or walking into a party and feeling the tension. I’d say this is the one thing you should never ignore and the one that almost everyone has. It’s also the ‘clair’ most readily recognized by the wider world as not weird. You’re just labeled a compassionate sensitive person.

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