Spring gardening

I keep banging on about spring being the time of the new and exciting (or at least I will in a post or two). It’s also the time that everyone with a garden gets stuck in and does an overhaul.

First up you have to do the the boring bit and prep. Pulling all the weeds up and cutting back the dead bits. It’s boring because often it’s tedious and sometimes heartbreaking (by last years Basil that didn’t bounce back). However once it’s done you can really see where you’re at. While I’m at this stage and everything is weed free I like to top up any soil in the garden if I need to.

Then it’s the smelly bit. It’s time for fertilizers. I mostly use liquid seasol on the garden but I’m not opposed to throwing a bit of manure about. I think horse is the best but I’m bias since that’s what we used to use on the gardens when I was growing up. The smell is 100% less offensive than say chicken manure to which is awesome if you’re gardening in a small or really populated area. If you’re fertilizing a mostly blank bed I’d leave it a week of so then dig it all back into your garden. If it’s around already existing plants I’d probably dig it in straight away to get all that goodness in. Digging it in also aerates your soil and allows all the nutrients to get to plant roots as well as stirs up the microorganisms that are going to help your plants grow.

It’s time for the fun bit. Plants. Earlier this year I sat down and wrote out what to plant based on season and month because I’m strange like that. You can also get a apps (ABC Veggie Patch comes to mind) or look up online what works for your area. This year I’m thinking about having a go at cucumbers, silverbeet, zuccini, lettuce and maybe some corn. I’m still undecided about more tomatoes since my vine survived winter pretty well intact. I will need to put in a new trellis for said tomatoes since they’re starting to wander over the compost bin and down the fence. Don’t plant things you wont eat or have a level of care you can’t keep up. I’m totally down with herbs because they are crazy low maintenance and I use a lot. I find that tomatoes and strawberries are the same. You can plant them, water them and just let them go. I’m going to have a go at lettuce this year but I think they might be a little high maintenance.

When I get plants I also buy seedlings too. I could buy seeds and it’d be much cheaper but I’m really impatient. I also like to know that birds and cats aren’t going to come and fuck with my shit so seedings are the way to go. I *do* have a habit of buying the seedings on sale. When I do they turn into monsters with a bit of love. My strawberry plants, chrysanthamums, and sage I think were all on sale and now they’re out of control.

So, now you have a 2 second guide to spring gardening grab a pot and have a go at growing something!

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