Back at blog HQ….

So a few weeks ago on Instagram I was talking about trying a new experiment with planning content. Well, so far so good. What I did was get a spreadsheet and set up the day and date for the next 3 months. Plugged in the major events, dates, holidays etc I wanted to write about. Then I peppered in things that I enjoy bringing you guys and you all seem to enjoy reading. It’s pretty fucking surprising exactly how quickly you can fill that up. It also allows for me to budget in trying new beauty products. I’m not anyone who gets free shit (yes, all that Lush I bought) so it takes some wiggling.

Me being the stellar overachieving nutbag I am did that planning process for the blog and my tarot reading Instagram. Now you’d think that would kill any kind of creativity but I’ve found the exact opposite! It’s given me daily prompts to kick off my writing and I’m actually ahead in my posts which gives me a bit of breathing room if I feel like a break and not writing one day.

Forward planning also allowed me to be a bit more organised with my social media posts. Especially with the Tarot reading because it lives online. It takes the stress out of it. I found an app that allows me to batch posts so in the case of my Tarot Instagram I can sit down Sunday and queue up 90% of the posts. It just sits there and sends them out for me on the day. In the case of the blog as I finish a post it gets directly scheduled into Buffer (that’s the app I use) and again, is sent for me. It was the biggest game changer because I don’t feel like I’m sitting online all day. I just get a couple of notifications that my posts have gone up and I check them.

Plans don’t equal perfection because if they did I wouldn’t have forgotten to schedule my Insta posts earlier this week. It did give me the wiggle room though to swap some content breaks around to make sure that I could fix things and make sure I kept rollin.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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