Spring Equinox

I know I keep banging on about how great Spring is. I get it and I know it’s probably becoming pretty tedious “blah blah new life blah blah’ but if you’re in any way witchy or a little woo inclined it can truly be a magnificent time.

So what the actual fuck is Spring equinox? It’s also known as the vernal equinox and when the sun crosses South (I’m in the southern hemisphere people don’t come for me) over the celestial equator. It’s technically the start of spring in astronomy terms. The days and nights become equal in length. It’s kind of like natures alarm clock because she doesn’t exactly have a calendar. It’s pretty much the witchy version of Easter but instead of Jesus it’s about nature waking up. Again if you’re in the norther hemisphere it’s the other way around for you. You’re all getting ready to shut down for winter so don’t come at me with how I got it wrong.

So, yeah, it’s all about renewal. Your garden coming back to life, things getting warmer and the days getting longer. Celebrate everything bouncing back. It doesn’t have to be any kinda special ritual or ‘thing’ if you don’t want cause there are no rules. It could be fresh flowers in your house and opening up the windows. A good spring clean or yardwork session to get ready for summer entertaining. It could be a fresh haircut and getting to the gym to shake out the cobwebs or swapping out heavy meals for salads. Maybe a trip to the beach on a warm day and soak up the sun (hat and spf please!). Get out there and enjoy the shit out of the new season and be happy about it.

Now. I promise that’s the last I’ll bang on about spring.

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