The Body Shop

Right off the bat anyone who’s been here for more than 30 seconds would know I’m a diehard Lush person. However in the interest of variety I’ve decided to branch out and look at other brands that do all the face and body type shenanigans. The decision to go with The Bodyshop was because it’s pretty close to what I’m used to buying and I have to literally go past it once a week to get to the kids therapists so it’s convenient as hell.

Now I had the hemp handcream from there a while back. I picked some up duty free when we went on a cruise a few years ago. This time around I got some Argan Oil bubble bath, a hair mask, bath fizzers (teeny bath bombs) and a lip balm. Now to stop myself from being too picky I sent my husband in to buy the stuff so I couldn’t be overly critical and it was a bit of a less bias as far as choice went and I have to say Ads did a cracking job.

Now the hemp handcream I had ages ago was really nice. I liked the packaging. The metal tube reminded me of the old style paint ones. It wasn’t an overly heavy cream with a really light scent that didn’t smell overly weed-ish but I only think I expected that because in my tiny brain I was thinking hemp = smokable rather than hemp = plant that has multiple uses.

The Argan Oil bubble bath. Holy forking shirtballs it’s bubbles for fucking days and I love it. It’s got a bit of a smell but it’s not unpleasant. It j ust smells faintly like hair products that have Argan oil in it. A little goes a long way as I found out so be bloody careful. It’s nourishing without leaving your skin and bath slippery which is good, Ads didn’t slip ass up in the bath the next day which is a bonus.

The hair mask was a banana one and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. My hair was soft, shiny and smelt amazing. It’s kinda like smushing mashed banana on your head. The only draw back is the price. It was $25 for 250ml. The super nice L’Oreal coconut once I had was $10 for 300mL Now you’re getting a lot less chemical and it’s all free trade stuff so that explains the price. However lets face it, I’m a bit tight when it comes to certain things and I want to see the value for money element. if it gives me the same amount of uses I wont mind so much but I’m not used to such a big jump in price.

The watermelon lipbalm I got is also freakin amazing. It’s like a gloss and 100% smells like watermelon. It seems to last a lot longer which is great too.

All in all I rate The Body Shop. Everything is a bit more expensive and the shop is less kid friendly than Lush. However this doesn’t mean I wont try any of their stuff in the future (I like the look of their body moisturizers).

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