Russian Doll

When we first got Netflix the add for Russian Doll kept playing over and over. It looked really interesting. It’s a bit of Groundhog Day deal where Nadia dies on her 36th birthday and has to live it over and over and eventually she finds a guy called Alan who’s stuck in a loop also and they have to figure out how to get out.

The series is good. Natasha Lyonne is fucking amazing as Nadia a fast living computer game designer. The show kinda sucks you in and the only draw back is in parts it can be a little heavy with the philosophical elements to it all. If you’re not a deep thinker it might be a little boring. Also if you hate repetitive shit it also may grate that every time she dies the whole day starts the same way again. The look of the show is very cool too and made me want to find the light feature in the bathroom because it looked like a rip in time and space.

It’s incredibly well written and Lyonne is a writer for the show as well as being in it. Amy Poehler is also listed as a producer which sort of says it’s going to be a bit different (..she also did Broad City so that tells you something). If you’re looking for something off the wall go for it.

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