I’m a bit of a podcast addict. I have a whole bunch queued up and this week I thought I’d share 3 of my favorites.

The Matty Johns podcast – I was a massive fan of the Matty Johns Show on Foxtel when we had the whole package pre Netflix. Its funny, intelligent and talks about Rugby League in a way thats super accessable. The podcast is an extension of that but it’s not just about footy . It’s Paul Kent, Matty Johns and Brett Finch all sitting about crapping on about sport. It breaks down some of the comments and issues surrounding the game you hear in the press and presents it in a way you can understand thats no bullshit. Listen to their episodes that cover the craptastic end of season stuff at the Knights this year and you’ll see what I mean. If you love your football this is worth the listen.

The Barry Harden Upman podcast – so remember that time I said you should follow him on social media? Apart from his phenomenal support for women in all aspects of league (cheerleaders, players in the WNRL, commentators) the other reason you should follow Uncle Baz is this podcast. Again it’s about Rugby League but it’s the kind of conversations you’d have with your mates at the pub or a backyard barbecue. There’s a little bit of colourful language but it’s nothing that a grown ass adult can’t handle (or our 4yo but that’s another story). He calls a spade a spade and its refreshing to hear a normal dude voice talk about the game of footy we all love.

Blogging Unscripted – This podcast. THIS podcast is the one that gave me the plan on how to reset and plan my blog and tarot Insta content. It literally helped me change my game up and become a content posting machine. The pocast is run by Danielle Gervino and she runs a successful fashion blog type deal with a background in marketing and her whole deal is helping people with their blogs. She talks a lot about pitching to brands for collaboration and while thats not my jam the stuff she covers about social media, keeping records and Instagram. It is amazeballs.

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